We are Stockholm University Boat Club!

Welcome all hardcore rowers, casual floaters and those who want hang out with cool crew that likes boats

What's in the package?

Badass training

If you want to become the biggest ape in your district or just get in shape, we're the crew youre looking for

Awesome parties

Rowing in darkness with torches sounds cool? Travelling all around Sweden to compete in races & party with other universities? Work hard, party harder they say. We can't disagree

Lovely internationals

Our crew consits of whole bunch of crazy international people. English is as much used as Swedish. Oh, and training/drinking camps in Ireland & Poland? Maybe your country will be next?

Eternal fame

Be an university champ. Be a winner. Be part of history.

Our Life


Because Sweden


We love them ♡


You know why

Early mornings!

Nothing feels better than a lovely 7:30 training

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